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family counseling in Albuquerque

Family Counseling Albuquerque, NM

The importance of family cannot be understated in our society. Whether it's a big or small nuclear unit, everyone needs their loved ones around them at some point to help provide identity and purpose for life goals such as love and marriage. Many people dream about having close knit relationships with husbands/wives, sisters, parents, children, and various other combinations of extended family.

Healthy Families of Albuquerque are proud to offer our services through private practice.  We cover Albuquerque, the greater Albuquerque metro area and Rio Rancho, NM. 

Family Counseling Albuquerque, NM

Dealing With Life’s Disruptions

unexpected changes

The sudden and unexpected disruption of family life can have a devastating effect on everyone involved. Sudden events like illness, death or separation often leave people shell-shocked with no idea how to respond; but this is where therapy comes in!


There are many benefits for individuals who seek out counseling after experiencing an emotionally traumatic event such as death (or any other kind). These therapies help provide coping skills that allow a family to begin moving forward again while also working through difficult emotions related to the event.


Our therapists are dedicated to supporting our community and its members through the development and maintenance of healthy family bonds. The mission of Healthy Families is to help individuals and families heal and grow strong.


Sometimes when things are not going well it can be helpful to have outside help to find equilibrium again - and that's where Healthy Families of Albuquerque LLC comes into play!

A Supportive Hug - family counseling

family counseling

We are proud of our track record for helping couples and families overcome many of the challenges that face the modern-day family, as well as those that are more challenging and occurring rarely.  You can choose whether you’d prefer a whole family consultation or individual consultations.

Our commitment to you is to use our knowledge, expertise and experience to develop and foster a positive and happy family unit that you can be proud to be a part of.

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