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medication management in Albuquerque

Medicine Boxes - Medication Management in Albuquerque, Nm

For some people, the use of prescription medication as part of their overall treatment plan can be beneficial to helping them deal with the challenges associated with their mental, emotional, and/or behavioral issues. At Health Families of Albuquerque our of providers are dedicated to helping people find the best treatment options for their needs so that they can achieve mental wellness and live a healthy, productive life. We are now providing psychiatric medication prescribing services.

Lifestyle counseling - Medication Management in Albuquerque, Nm
Nurse Talking to Patient

Appointment Expectations

Medication management and psychiatric medication prescribing services are now offered by Healthy Families of Albuquerque. Our licensed psychiatric medication prescriber for the company is Tracy Sitek RN, BSN, ACNP-BC. As part of these services, clients will meet with her to:

  • Discuss current and past areas of concern.

  • Develop a thorough mental and physical health history.

  • Determine if a psychiatric medication is recommended for them.

  • Determine their options for a safe, evidence-based medication.

Appointment Expectations

If medication is recommended as an effective and safe option, our nurse practitioner may order labs and/or collaborate with the client’s primary care provider. Since Healthy Family of Albuquerque’s values, a team-based approach, the nurse practitioner will collaborate with the client’s psychotherapist during treatment. 

Some of the conditions that our team is experienced at providing treatment and medication management for include (but are not limited to):

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Attention issues

  • Mood instability disorders

  • Thought disturbances

  • Other emotional and behavioral disorders


Meet Our Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

About Tracy Sitek RN, BSN, ACNP-BC

Tracy began her career in medicine 35 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona as a Firefighter and Medic and became a Registered Flight RN soon after.  She specialized in Emergency Medicine and Trauma until 2015, at which time she graduated from Grand Canyon University as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.  With a continued desire to help people with complex pain issues, she joined an Orofacial Pain Management practice and specialized in treatment of neurogenic Migraines and Cervical Dystonia with Botox injections, along with trigger point injections to treat TMJ and other muscular disorders resulting from arthritis and trauma.


Realizing that physical and mental health are connected, she took an interest in modalities to improve overall health, achieved by balancing your mind, body and spirit. Tracy went back to school, again, for Post Master’s Certifications in Therapeutic IV infusions and Advanced Medical Aesthetics and Laser Treatments.  Tracy has joined the dynamic team at Healthy Families of Albuquerque as a provider and prescriber because they share a vision of holistically restoring mental and physical health using tools that are natural and beneficial to overall wellness.


Tracy is an experienced Mobile and Telemedicine provider, and she looks forward to helping you along your health journey to feeling your best. She also enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family on hunting and fishing trips to the mountains, or just staying home and having movie night from her living room.  Gardening and rescuing horses and cats are passions, with plans in the future of a working ranch with a sanctuary for animals looking for a home.

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