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Anxiety Management for Physical Anxiety Method Five – Anger Management

The anxiety producing power of anger has been known to prevent people from permitting themselves to even be aware they are angry. Some people with General Anxiety Disorder have been found to have hidden worry about being angry. There are people that fight anger continually and it manifests itself in behavior with fake grins and chronic body tension issues. Many people believe no matter what happens to them in life they need present a good picture, despite all their problems. The anxiety for these people is overwhelming to the point of them seeking out therapy which is a good thing. The anger needs to be treated or otherwise the anxious manifestations like ulcers and headaches will continue unabated.

When a therapy patient worries about anger due to situations from their past, such as remembering the scary anger of a loved one such as spouse or they were ostracized for displaying anger when they were younger, the emotion of anger, despite the fact it is repressed, can cause severe anxiety. The solution to dealing directly with this type of anxiety is to lower the person’s feelings of unease and trauma, and at the same time addressing anger out in the open by raising the awareness of it so it can be addressed directly with counselling. Many times, the straight-forward approach where the person can feel and acknowledge anger and then start addressing methods to communicate it, reduces a person’s anxiety about anger. Being aware you are angry and acknowledge it does not mandate that a person must exhibit they are angry.

If you have overpowering feelings of anxiety related to unacknowledged feeling of anger and need help managing it, give Healthy Families of Albuquerque LLC a call at 505-842-9911 or complete our contact form by visiting the page by clicking here.


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