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Anxiety Management for Physical Anxiety Method One – Healthy Living

Advising someone who has anxiety to start living a healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet, not drinking liquor, not smoking cigarettes, cutting down on sugar and caffeine and going to the gym daily is rather mundane advice, but not taking care of oneself can sabotage the usefulness of anti-anxiety methods a person is employing. People who have made strides with managing their physical anxiety can suddenly experience huge setbacks where the anxiety comes roaring back in full force. Many times, after careful analysis, which sometimes requires maintaining a journal and recording when panic attacks are occurring, the person realizes the panic setting in is traceable back to poor unhealthy living habits, such as heavy liquor use, a poor diet, cutting out exercise and increased coffee consumption. Taking care of one’s body is paramount during anxiety treatment. Self-care is critical to success.

Self-care when it comes to body is just as important as the mind. Building in a daily routine that focuses on eating right, getting a good night’s sleep, and exercising along with anti-anxiety therapy will help a person’s ongoing mission of a life free of anxiety dramatically. It is important for female client’s who encounter anxiety symptoms roading out of nowhere, even though they have been good about healthy living, to factor in hormones becoming imbalanced. Newer waves of anxiety for woman may stem from missing periods, a hysterectomy, pregnancy, or postpartum problems. Another thing to look at is the onset and continuance of menopause, which can start at several different ages in life. Anxiety can also stem from changes in a person’s thyroid levels or functioning. When working with a therapist that is helping a person deal with anxiety it is important that there is an open line of communication regarding healthy living habits or lack thereof. Many times, when a person’s anxiety that previously had abated or was gone, comes back in all its tough to deal with glory. It can be attributed directly to poor living habits connected to liquor, coffee, cigarettes, sugar, and no exercise.

Therapists need to be particularly alert to what might be going on in the body when a client who was previously doing well starts having trouble.

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