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Anxiety Management for Physical Anxiety Method Four – Stop Listening To Worry Thoughts

Many people are great at seeking things out to worry about, despite the fact there may be no thoughts of anything currently in their brain. Sometimes their constant anxious drop in the stomach feeling shows up unannounced and then they started seeking a reason in their mind as to why the feeling physical feeling manifested itself. For people with General Anxiety Disorder the sense of impending doom and tension is made up of a low-level real fear, and it also can be responsible for more maladies like ulcers, headaches, body aches and even jaw pain.

Many people are not aware of the fact that sense of doom is the tension expressing itself through feelings. When a person stops listening to worry thoughts it lowers the tension by putting together an action to not pay attention the worry thought with a signal to work on becoming relaxed. When a person first begins working in managing worry thoughts one of the first things to learn is get respite through muscle relaxation drills. Each time a relaxation drill is employed, to start each drill it is important for a person to breathe in and then imagine the positive feeling they will feel once the drill is completed.

The aim of doing relaxation drills and learning how to relax on command is to thwart one’s worry thoughts. People with anxiety and worry need to comprehend that worry is an ingrained habit with foundation built on neurobiology. This means despite not having any specific worries, a person with brain hard wired for anxiety can develop a feeling of impending disaster, then manifests itself in the person seeking out what a dilemma in their life. People that operate this way locate a thing that may cause a disaster and then rationalize their worry is legitimate.

The person is committed to a thought process that the disaster has a valid cause and then find respite when the desire to figure out the reason (despite the fact the reason is not valid and does not exist) comes for a hard-wired brain response. The reason-hunting section of a person’s brain, ignited by the feelings a disaster manifested by way a physical change like a headache or a gut sinking feeling triggers the thought, “It is time to worry.”.

One way to stop listening to worry thoughts is to speak directly to oneself in the brain and state, “This worry thought is my hard-wired brain sending out signals that are not correct.”. When this happens, it is a signal to employ relaxation techniques to slow down or stop the feelings of disaster brought on by the hard-wired brain response.

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