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Anxiety Management for Physical Anxiety Method Six - Enjoy Life and Have Fun

In life a wonderful method to use to improve positive emotions and let go of feelings of being overwhelmed is laughing. When a person has continuous feelings of anxiety their tendency is to be serious and intense continually with no effort made towards developing excitement and enjoyment in their life. To make matters worse they also tend to stop enjoying the funny times as well. All aspects of life are looked at as issues to contend with, instead of a path to experience happiness and frivolity.

There are people many of us know in life who are charming, funny, and full of witty banter. Somewhere along the way, through career moves or other reasons no one can pin down, they do not laugh or see the humorous things in life. When put on the spot to create a fun activity list they do regularly they run into a brick wall. They literally come up with nothing on their fun list. This is, as they say, not good.

People who worry all the time and are overwhelmed by anxiety often struggle to let loose, be frivolous, play, and enjoy life. If it is an option, it is highly suggested that people who have these types of struggles make time with a family member’s kids. Kids are naturally happy and full of life. After spending some time with kids, people sometimes begin to start feeling less anxiety and stop being so serious and start laughing again. Another approach to having more fun is doing things at the spur of the moment without any forethought. Doing activities like stopping at a park and taking off one’s shoes and socks and listening to music for half an hour or grabbing a delicious smoothie at the drop of a hat, can do wonders to lighten one’s mood. It is the little things that people do in life, not the things they think about and vacillate over, that are often transformative over to the fun side of life. By taking the time to pay attention to personal aspirations and doing something about them, even if they are inconsequential like getting an ice cream cone, a person may discover a plethora of happiness they are stopping themselves from enjoying that becomes part of their everyday life.

The key is to take the time to find out what you like after eons of being serious and having little to no fun. The goal to shed the serious manner and transform how life feels is to learn what activities a person enjoys. Serious people sometimes need to be nudged into having fun by way of being assigned go out and have fun homework from their therapist. Naturally, serious people often approach working on having fun in a serious way, like they do rest of their life. Ideally the fun will overpower the serious approach and happiness, humor and enjoyment will follow. One of the best prescriptions for anxiousness, stress and worries is laughter.

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