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The Treatment of Grief and Loss using EMDR

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is all about unraveling and learning how to process negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When something as traumatic as losing a loved one occurs, people often do not know how to come back from that and learn how to deal with the grief. It is normal to go through the stages of grief and feel so down that you don’t know how to return to a sense of normalcy. EMDR is an exposure-based therapeutic mechanism. The idea of exposure-based therapy can sound quite frightening because it deals with having to take on your grief and loss head-on. EMDR has been proven countless times to help those dealing with depression, anxiety, and other stressful or traumatic events.

Steps in the process of healing through grief and loss with EMDR include visiting past memories, present triggers, and future methods of tackling these memories and triggers. By using these methods, the patient can develop a plan of action of how to think about and deal with the emotions associated with grief and loss. The goal is to create more positive emotions as you move forward in life. EMDR is not meant to erase memories or to skip over the healing process. It is to help clients better deal with the natural process of grief and loss in a way that is not destructive. Ultimately it will relieve some of the pain and suffering ethically and naturally. You do not have to continue to suffer from your loss or worsen the pain associated with your grief.

Remember, grief is a direct cause of loss, and it is normal to feel your feelings. Whether the loss is sudden or was a long time coming, nobody knows exactly how they will react once they are put in said situation. EMDR and helps you deal with unresolved and unprocessed issues that you may not have even known you were experiencing. Loss is one of the most traumatizing things we can experience in life as humankind. Lost is one of the most traumatizing things we can experience in life as humankind. The exposure and technique directly associated with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing have been tested and found extremely effective by plenty of trained specialists.

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