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Who Will EMDR Therapy Help?

The acronym "EMDR," which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a unique therapy that helps to relieve people from psychological stress.

EMDR therapy is generally known to be relatively safe, with far fewer complications than drugs. However, you may suffer specific adverse side effects.

When you complete EMDR treatment, the increased awareness does not stop. This increased awareness may make you feel dizzy. It can also result in intense, realistic nightmares.

For Whom Is EMDR Beneficial?

Anyone who has been through a traumatic experience or has suffered from a complex trauma may benefit from EMDR. It's a method for assisting people in letting go of unpleasant incidents and feelings related to their trauma and moving toward acceptance.

Is EMDR a Difficult Process?

Since EMDR can be stressful, it is crucial to start with the basics, as described above. As a result, the therapist can better prepare the patient for what they are about to experience. The patient needs to prepare themselves psychologically to process the emotions and experiences that the sessions of EMDR can generate to avoid getting themselves in over their head.

How Can I Tell If I am Emotionally Ready for EMDR Therapy?

It is essential to discuss your trauma with your therapist to determine whether EMDR is the proper treatment for you or not. You can know more about EMDR treatment by speaking with a registered mental health practitioner and assessing whether you are emotionally ready to start the process of EMDR treatment.

Where can I learn more about EMDR?

Call Healthy Families of Albuquerque at 505-842-9911 or fill out their contact form to request an appointment to meet with one of their EMDR trained therapists today.

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